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Happy New Year Everyone, Everywhere! From – The gents at TVD.

Brew Day – Christmas “lager” – Sparkling Vienna Amber Lager with seasonal spices.

3 lbs Sparking Amber DME1lb Caramunich III malt grain1 oz German Tettnang hops1 packet M12 Kveik yeast (dry)Dash Pumpkin Pie spice ( or just nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon, clove)2 Dash Ground Clove Bring 1.5 gallons of water and steeping grains up to 185 and remove grain bag.Whirlpool hops for 10-15 minutes depending on strength you desire.Remove… Continue Reading →

Musings and possibly a book.

First and foremost – happy 600 days of “14 days to flatten the curve.” I am tired of things not being back to “normal” and the new normal is pretty f*cked up. That said, it has given us all more time at home with our families if we are lucky. That has been the driving… Continue Reading →

Pets and letting go.

Hey all – I know it has been a bit since our last blog article but had a lot of stuff going on and well, as the title gives away, its about our pets. My wife and I have 3 cats, yes I know that is a lot. They are all close in age 11-12-13… Continue Reading →

Brew Day – Schwarz Bier ( German Black Lager)

Recipe:1/2 lb Black Malt – milled1/4 lb Roasted Barley3 lbs DME Golden Light2.5 gallons water1/2 oz Hellertau Mittelfuher hopsS-189 Dry Lager Yeast from Saflager Process:Steep grain in bag as 1.5 gallons water heats to 180 FPull Grain bag and bring to boilMix in DMEBring to boil then cut heatWhirlpool hops for 20 minutes, then removeAdd… Continue Reading →

Thunder to soothe the mind and relax

New 20 minute video/audio of a rolling thunderstorm to calm and relax you. Can be used for timed self guided meditation, relaxation, or sleep prep. Guided meditations with box breathing coming soon.

Meditation/Calming Waves

Hey folks, here is an 80 minutes track of a recording of waves isolated to help you focus and relax after a stressful day, or when you are trying to meditate, or just clear your head. Add in the box breathing from the other post we have and/or any other type of breathing protocol and… Continue Reading →

Birthdays and other musings

Hello ALL I apologize for the longer hiatus between posts recently – life is busy and gets in the way. Lots of new things going on that I will go into today as well as the joy/anxiety of another birthday for me. So – where to begin? I guess it would have to be with… Continue Reading →

Changes are a-coming

Change. It is inevitable. The better we can accommodate and change to it, the better off and happier we will be. Or so that’s what the research says. I have lived through much change. From the simple times of childhood in the 80s and 90s through my teens and 20s in the early 00s and… Continue Reading →

Spirit – being more than yourself.

What is spirit? What is having spirituality? I don’t mean having religion, though for some those two thought processes go hand in hand. What I am referring to is, as a father, believing in something bigger then yourself to help guide you, your intuition in situations, and having a comfort in something greater. I know… Continue Reading →


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