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I am burned out. I am burned out from work, from training, from working out, from life’s ever continuous stresses. Combined I am beyond burned out.  I do not have a vacation scheduled till summer. I do not have enough PTO to “take a day”, because of needing to use my free PTO to attend… Continue Reading →

Using Travel to Reconnect

So as many of you know, and for those who do not, my wife and I love to travel. I lived abroad for almost 10 years in the UK and experienced many countries and cultures growing up. Since meeting my spouse I have tried to share that with her, and she has become addicted to… Continue Reading →

Returning to work after Family Leave

So as stated in a previous post, I’ve been out on Family Leave for the last 20 weeks. My wife and I welcomed our son to the world last June and I have had the joy of being on bonding leave since October; when my wife went back to work. It’s s been an absolute… Continue Reading →

Zoiglbeir – Fresh Bavarian Lager

2.5 Gallon recipe 3 lbs Pilsner DME, 1lb Munich DME, .5oz Hellertau 60 min boil ( 30 min whirlpool) Bavarian lager yeast As I have written about technique previously, I won’t go too deep into it with this beer either, but will stay more high level. A Zoiglbeir is a traditional Bavarian Lager brewed fresh… Continue Reading →

How to be a better father in 3 easy steps

Hope cliche is that title? In actuality its many many tiny steps every day, but we can sum them up into 3 broad ranging categories. 1. Be there and be aware – When you are with your children, be there. Not just physically being there, but mentally engaged as well. Interact with them, ask questions,… Continue Reading →

8 Months looking back

To start, I’m going to say this outright, that I’ve been extremely blessed. I have a beautiful, healthy baby boy who is smiling and laughing more often than he is crying. I’ve also been lucky enough to work for a company that has allowed me to be with my son full time for the better… Continue Reading →

Don’t be “that Dad…”

Sports. We all love sports. As we age, however, our time in the spotlight dims. We aren’t throwing touchdowns, scoring goals, and typically we live in the memories of glories past. But then, we have children. As they grow, and happen to get involved in sports of their own we experience another type of high…. Continue Reading →

Live in the NOW – you won’t regret it!

We here all to often to not worry about the future or to wallow in the past. For many of us it seems unlikely we can focus on the “now”, this present time and what we are doing. We all know that we should live in the now, experience our kids growing, bonding and spending… Continue Reading →


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