Don’t be “that Dad…”

Sports. We all love sports. As we age, however, our time in the spotlight dims. We aren’t throwing touchdowns, scoring goals, and typically we live in the memories of glories past.

But then, we have children. As they grow, and happen to get involved in sports of their own we experience another type of high. Living through their play.

My eldest daughter has been playing basketball since 2nd grade. She is now in 8th grade. Watching her play, when games are close, you get a feeling like you’re watching game 7 of the NBA Finals.

Parents are SCREAMING from the stands. Instructing their kids on what to do.

All I can say is stop. Stop it. Don’t be that parent. The games don’t really matter in the grand scheme of life.

It doesn’t only happen when the game is close either. Yelling at the refs, ‘coaching’ their children. It’s just not needed. The kids have enough pressure on themselves the way it is. Trust me I’m yelling inside, but my daughter doesn’t NEED to hear it in the moment. Her mother will yell at her from the stands. I don’t speak with her due to emotional damage ripped from a Lifetime Movie, but my daughter loathes it.

After her games, we will talk. She will ask me or say “I didn’t play well”. Now, during those times is when I’ll tell her what she did well and maybe needs to work on. Slow down your shot, be more aggressive, attack the ball more. That resonates more than yelling at her when she’s on the court.

I’ve seen some pretty terrible behavior from parents in the stands and 9/10 times their kids play reflects their parents shitty attitudes. They play dirty, they take cheap shots. That’s the only time I tell my daughter you have 6 fouls, use them.

Stop being “that Parent”…



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