Introductions are in Order

Let’s get things rolling shall we? First things first, I’m Matt – here on after known as Griff or MG on here. I’m 34 and live in NE New Jersey. I’m a Penn State Grad, (class of ‘09), an avid sports fan – Yankees, NY Giants, NY Rangers and all things Penn State. I also have a love of the outdoors. I’ve been fishing and hunting since I was young and I’ve been snowboarding for the better part of the last 10 years. More recently I have developed a love for home brewing. Most importantly of all, this past June I became a father to an amazing little boy. Hopefully I’ll be bringing you all some amuzing observations, some helpful tricks and insights along with my humorous, whimsical and sometimes warped point of view on the world around me. I’m excited to join BPD and AFD here at The Versatile Dad. Until Next time.

Have a Good One,



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