Brew Day – Oktoberfestbier (1 month or less… 6 days for me)

This is a very simple recipe with great results… in a week if you can 2-3 weeks if not.

This will yield 2.5 gallons – scale accordingly.

3 lbs Pilsner DME
.5lbs traditional Dark DME
1oz Saaz hops pellets
.5oz Hellertau Hops pellets
dry hopping bag
1 packet Lutra Kviek Yeast

First bring 2 gallons of water to a boil and then cut the heat.
Toss in all your DME and stir well.
Toss in your Saaz hops whole or in a steeping bag ( preferred method for clearer beer).
Let the hops whirlpool in the beer for 45-60 minutes. I like a spicy Oktoberfest similar to Spaten, so I leave mine sit a little longer.
Cool your wort to 100 degrees and toss into fermenter.
Top off with COLD water to 2.5 gallons.
Pitch yeast at 90 degrees or close there to.

Now let that ferment for about 4-5 days at 75 degrees and you will have a damn fine Marzen. on the last 2 days of ferment (yeast will have dropped) dry hop with .5oz of Hellertau and refrigerate. This step will get the beer to clear, pick up the hop flavor and, in my opinion, pseudo lager the beer.

Bottle or over night force-carb in Keg and serve the next day ( or when bottles are ready).


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