Mental Health and Postpartum Depression

Having a new baby is hard. Very hard.

It is made even harder when you don’t get critical bonding time with the infant because they are in the ICU. This is impacted even further if you or your spouse has depression, bipolar disorder and doctors aren’t monitoring for the onset of PPD.

My wife struggled to feel a connection with our little guy after he came home. She was and is a great mom, doing anything she needs to for him. But due to depression in the past she was at an elevated risk of it postpartum.

I watched as best I could, and tried to get her to talk to me. Between hormones and postpartum, she did not want to talk, or to get help, or to even leave the house in the instances that we could now that the COVID milarky is settling down.

It wasn’t until friends, family and me asked her to talk to someone professional ( her OB) about what she was feeling would she do it.

And we are all glad she did. 1 week after that and a low dose of an antidepressant and my wife is back to being normal, enjoying our son, going out to places and generally liking life again.

This is a very serious issue that is to quickly overlooked, especially in higher risk people. Please seek out the help you need, or engage others to help you help those who need the help. There is no need for stigma here, just help people.


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