Naps are key

I have a 7 week old son.

He sleeps at max 3-4 hours at night. 60-90 minutes every 3 hours and then eats and plays. I am also working full time again, trying to help my wife feed/burp/change/play with my boy.

I am trying to limit my working hours to 10 a day. I am trying to not drink all my homebrew and trying to work out.

All with only 4-6 total hours of sleep a night.

I did not know the value of naps until I fell asleep on the floor playing with my son. His mother took a funny picture of it after she had picked him up.

I was less then amused.

Due to lack of sleep and recovery I have pinched a nerve in my neck and have been going to the Chiropractor every other day for some kind of relief to the shooting pain down my arm. Typing and using a mouse and gripping my coffee cup are painful activities. Feeding my son is brutal.

Take care of yourselves and grab recovery naps whenever you can. Learn from my mistakes.

I also tried brewing Sake ( Japanese alcohol). I will write a post about that soon.




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