Post Surgery and Recovery

Here we are, 10 days post surgery for my torn distal biceps. I couldn’t really write much before this, as my arm was in a hard cast at 90 degrees that went up to my palm. It made typing nearly impossible.

Leading up to surgery, I was nervous. My arm wasn’t in too much pain and I was managing pretty well all things considering. I was scared of the unknown of going under for a procedure though.

I arrived at the hospital for 6:45 and checked in. I was quickly taken back, prepped, asked my name and birthday once every few minutes and wheeled back to the OR.

This was an outpatient procedure, so as I laid in bed while everyone prepped around me, the nice man put a mask on me, telling me it was oxygen. I have a suspicion it wasn’t. The next thing I remember I was being awakened back in the Post OP area with my arm in said 90 degree hard cast.

I was foggy, but my girlfriend was there helping me up, as stubborn as I may be to try and do it on my own.

The pain wasn’t too bad. My forearm hurt the most, but subsided that night. The cast was more of a pain than anything. For a week I struggled with it but I have a great supporting …pardon the pun… cast. I got it off on Friday and that was a surreal experience. Into a brace I went, which locks my arm at varying degrees. Right now, I’m still at 90 with rehab on the horizon.

Having my hand back does make things much more manageable however. I did reach out to Icy Mike, from Hard2Hurt, on Facebook and he was kind enough to offer some advice to take rehab seriously, which I absolutely plan on doing.

Oh, and the one thing I can say I was relieved I purchased in the great toilet paper pandemic of 2020, was a simple bidet.

Peace – B


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