The Road Back…

So after finishing 6 weeks of the 10 Rounds workout program and gearing up to add a 3 day lifting program into my daily workouts, I have suffered a setback. I guess how big of a setback depends on perspective.

On Sunday I was at my cousin’s house. They’re putting up a pergola on their deck and it was time to get the roof in place.

The pergola is cedar so the wood itself wasn’t heavy. The roof consists of 6 aluminum panels that overlap, 3 on each side. We were putting up the 2nd half of the roof, with my dad and cousin on the one end and myself and their neighbor on the other.

Lifting the side up, I didn’t have much weight at all. It was at an angle that wasn’t going to work so we needed to bring it back down. I can’t remember exactly how it happened, but I had an underhand grip on the wood as we began to lower it. Suddenly it got much heavier than I expected and I felt a distinct *POP* in my elbow.

I instantly knew it wasn’t good and I grabbed my arm and just said “I’m hurt”.

My arm looked like Popeye. I went to the ER instantly and an appointment with the Ortho the next day confirmed what I knew. I tore my bicep at the distal end. The bicep attaches at the shoulder with two tendons and kinda meets at the elbow in one tendon. Distal tears aren’t that common from what I’ve read, but leave it to me.

A few things stood out to me. One is how little the bicep has to do with the actual curling motion of your arm. The other is that the pain wasn’t really, and hasn’t really been anything. Sitting here typing this and I’m in no pain. Only when I outstretch my arm and rotate it does it feel uncomfortable.

My surgery is scheduled for the 19th. The only ‘surgery’ I’ve had was my wisdom teeth so this is all a bit new to me.

From there, it’s at least a week in a hard splint and 4 months post surgery until I can resume normal lifting / load bearing. One of my favorite Youtuber’s on combat sports and training, Icy Mike from Hard2Hurt suffered this exact injury about 9 months ago, although he was doing something cool, like throwing a shovel hook, not holding cedar.

I have many feelings going through this. Frustration. Scared. Fortunate because it could have been worse.

I’ll be documenting it every step of the way here from how I’m dealing with home life, to training, to recovery.

Peace Out – B


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