Who We Are

Hi Everyone, and thank you for coming to The Versatile Dad. My name is Tony and, with my blog partner Brandon, welcome you to our blog!

Why start a blog and about the life of being a father and why call it “The Versatile Dad”?

  1. Because it aims to give new Dad’s like me (Tony) an idea of what to expect when expecting, and Dad’s like Brandon (3 kids, 2 dogs, 1 divorce and new step child) support, encouragement and hope, from his life experience.
  2. Because it will help us focus in on things that we think other father’s could benefit from- fitness when you have no time, eating better, cooking better for your kids, adjusting to life with kids and without a spouse, and many other things. We have many interests and are sure you do too! This is a place for all those things to come out.
  3. We do not know it all, but we know people who do! This means you can expect to see blog posts and professional recommendations from different experts we know, in fields we know very little about – at least in an academic sense. This includes Martial Arts masters, Doctors, Physical Therapists, Nutritionists, Teachers and maybe even our kids!
  4. To be VERSATILE – able to adapt or be adaptable to many different functions or activities. This is the definition of fatherhood, and we believe in being both Gentlemen and Savages! Defend your honor, your family and your pride, while also raising children who can trust in their father, and be proud of the legacy he can leave behind.

This blog will contain many lessons learned, many experiments we have done ourselves and have distilled down into: what works, what can work, and AVOID AT ALL COSTS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. I doubt there will be many of those….

We look forward to providing you with content that will help you, that will help us, and in the long run, maybe even help our sons ( or daughters) in the future.

Thanks for letting us entertain and help you. – Tony

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