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Welcome to The Versatile Dad, a website and Blog for the Savage Man and Refined Gentlemen in all of us Dad’s, if you are new to the game or an old pro! This is a blog created by fathers for fathers. We have self developed articles as well as having some content direct from experts in their fields: Nutrition, Fitness, Recovery, The trials of Fathering Daughters, to Divorce and Infertility. The Versatile Dad covers it all.

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Musings and possibly a book.

First and foremost – happy 600 days of “14 days to flatten the curve.” I am tired of things not being back to “normal” and the new normal is pretty f*cked up. That said, it has given us all more time at home with our families if we are lucky. That has been the driving… Continue Reading →

Pets and letting go.

Hey all – I know it has been a bit since our last blog article but had a lot of stuff going on and well, as the title gives away, its about our pets. My wife and I have 3 cats, yes I know that is a lot. They are all close in age 11-12-13… Continue Reading →

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