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Welcome to The Versatile Dad, a website and Blog for the Savage Man and Refined Gentlemen in all of us Dad’s, if you are new to the game or an old pro! This is a blog created by fathers for fathers. We have self developed articles as well as having some content direct from experts in their fields: Nutrition, Fitness, Recovery, The trials of Fathering Sons and Daughters, to Divorce and Infertility. The Versatile Dad covers it all.

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High-er Alcoholic Sima (5-6% abv)

§ 2 quarts water – ½ gallon – scale as needed.§ 1 cup brown sugar- 1.25§ 1/2 cup honey§ 1 lemon§ 1/8 tsp yeast§ 1/8 sugar for carbonatingIn a large stock pot, boil the water, then stir in sugar and honey. Boil until fully dissolved. Add lemon and turn off heat. Cool (use an ice…

I was laid off. How to recover?

Recovering from a layoff can be a challenging time, but it also presents an opportunity for personal and professional growth. During this time, you may be faced with feelings of fear, uncertainty, and stress, but it’s important to remain positive and focus on the opportunities that may come from this situation. One of the best…


I am burned out. I am burned out from work, from training, from working out, from life’s ever continuous stresses. Combined I am beyond burned out.  I do not have a vacation scheduled till summer. I do not have enough PTO to “take a day”, because of needing to use my free PTO to attend…

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