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Welcome to The Versatile Dad, a website and Blog for the Savage Man and Refined Gentlemen in all of us Dad’s, if you are new to the game or an old pro! This is a blog created by fathers for fathers. We have self developed articles as well as having some content direct from experts in their fields: Nutrition, Fitness, Recovery, The trials of Fathering Sons and Daughters, to Divorce and Infertility. The Versatile Dad covers it all.

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I am burned out. I am burned out from work, from training, from working out, from life’s ever continuous stresses. Combined I am beyond burned out.  I do not have a vacation scheduled till summer. I do not have enough PTO to “take a day”, because of needing to use my free PTO to attend…

Using Travel to Reconnect

So as many of you know, and for those who do not, my wife and I love to travel. I lived abroad for almost 10 years in the UK and experienced many countries and cultures growing up. Since meeting my spouse I have tried to share that with her, and she has become addicted to…

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